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The Global Consequences of Free Speech

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    The American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Connecticut's annual Milton and Ethel Sorokin Symposium. Held in the Starr Hall Reading Room UConn School of Law 65 Elizabeth St., Hartford.

    The event, sponsored by the law school, will feature a debate between law professor Alexander Tsesis and ACLU legislative counsel Gabe Rottman. They will explore the conflicts that free expression, particularly the kind of speech referred to as hate speech, has caused in the United States and abroad. Susan Campbell, author and former Hartford Courant columnist, will moderate the debate.

    Tsesis teaches Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, and Civil Rights at Loyola University, Chicago, School of Law. He has written extensively about hate speech and the First Amendment, including the book "Destructive Messages: How Hate Speech Paves the Way for Harmful Social Movements."

    Gabe Rottman is legislative counsel and policy advisor in the ACLU's Washington Legislative Office, focusing on the First Amendment. He contributes frequently to policy debates on issues related to free speech and freedom of the press.

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