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Elaine Lampe
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Taffeta Christmas December 19, 2012

We like 50's music and thought a night at the Ct. Cabaret Theatre seeing Taffeta Christmas would put us in a holiday mood. The show is basically 4 women singing for 1 1/2 hrs with short corny dialogue in between.
It does not take much to please us but the women sounded horrible!! 2 of them couldn't even find their pitches! The alto was way off key and louder than the others. For anyone that has an ear for music, it was painful. I certainly expected more for $30 a person. The artistic director should have consulted a music person when casting When the whole show is just 4 women singing,,,,they'd better be able to SING.

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Hosted By Connecticut Cabaret Theatre and Performing Arts Center
Worth Noting www.ctcabaret.com

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